YIKES! Halloween is in 3 weeks! Here is an EASY Frugal HALLOWEEN Decorating Idea for outside!

Hanging Ghosts in Your Outside Tree!

Frugal HALLOWEEN Decorating Ideas

Supplies Needed:
1 bag fiber fill (found in craft stores), Can also use an old shirt, popcorn packing, newspaper,etc.
Black Marker
1 or 2 old clean white sheets cut into pieces of 1 ft x 1 ft.
White String

Make a round ball out of the fiber fill and put in center of 1 ft by 1 ft piece of sheet. Wrap the fiber fill like you would making a head of a doll and tie it at the neck with string, preferable white string. Then take your black marker pen and make spooky ghost faces on each of your ghosts. Hang them on your tree outside you house. A nice inexpensive way to decorate the outside of your house.