DIY Duct Tape Halloween

Have you started decorating for Halloween? Did you decide you only want to put up a door sign instead of decorating? Here’s a cute DIY Duct Tape spider web that’s easy to make. Your kids will love to help create it! Remember, Halloween is 22 days from today!

DIY Duct Tape Spider Web ?️

Materials: black, orange, and gold duct tape, oversized sheet of paper (ideally 18″ x 24″), parchment paper.
Tools: pencil, ruler, scissors, white grease pencil

1. Fold the oversized sheet of paper in half lengthwise, then fold in half crosswise. From the folded corner, draw a diagonal line to the opposite corner. You should now have two triangles. From the same corner, draw two more diagonal lines, dividing each triangle in half.

2. Starting at the bottom left corner, draw slightly U shaped line upward, connecting to the left end of the diagonal line above it. From this point, draw another U shaped line to the next diagonal line, and repeat until you reach the top right corner of the folded paper.

3. Starting approximately 2″ inward from the bottom left corner, repeat step #2.

4. Starting approximately 4″ inward from the bottom left corner, repeat step #2. You should now have 1/4 of a spider web pattern.

DIY Duct Tape Halloween

5. Carefully cut out the top two lines of the web pattern, cutting each drawn line approximately 1/4″ thick. Leave the middle part intact. Unfold the paper. This is the web template. Set aside.
DIY Duct Tape Halloween

DIY Duct Tape Halloween

6. Using black duct tape for the front side and gold duct tape for the back side, make a double-sided duct tape fabric measuring 18″ high and 24″ wide. (See instructional video:

7. Take the web template and place it on top of the fabric. Trace the template onto the fabric. Remove the template and cut the web pattern out of the fabric.

DIY Duct Tape Halloween

8. On the parchment paper, draw a spider. (You can also do a Google search for “spider drawing” and trace any free illustrations.) Cover the drawing with orange duct tape. Flip over the parchment paper and you can still see the drawing. Cut out the drawing. Remove the parchment paper from the back of the spider and place it on the web.

DIY Duct Tape Halloween

9. On the parchment paper, draw “Boo!” in large bubble letters. Cover the drawing with gold duct tape. Flip over the parchment paper and you can still see the letters. Cut out the letters. Remove the parchment paper from the back of the letters and place it on the spider web.

And here it is!  Your DIY Duct Tape Spider web looks faboolous ? Do you have any other DIY duct tape spider web creations to share with us?

DIY Duct Tape Halloween

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