Honoring A Loved One

This time is unlike anything else that I’ve ever experienced. People are getting sick, so many of us are staying home, some have lost jobs, and others are having to mourn their loved ones…without being able to have a funeral or see them before they pass away. It’s really all unfortunate and it is definitely […]

New Parents Holiday Advice

It’s exciting to have a little one and going through all the firsts. I wanted to share a bit of Holiday Advice to any new parents and/or parents who are just now going through all the firsts with their child born earlier in the year. Hopefully you’ll find some advice to help you out. I […]

Our Weekend Family Outdoor Fun

Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a break and share a little about my Family Outdoor Fun over the weekend.  My granddaughter’s school fair was this weekend.  They call it Pecan Festival, I’m not sure why, other than the fact that the fair is in FALL.  Anyone know any other reason?  I’d love to […]

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