Angel Lamp

Here’s your answer to unexpected poweroutages! A few months ago we had rolling outages and had no lamps unless they were those booklights. I came across the Inpowered Lights company, amoung their products was an awesome lamp called Lamp Angel. Lamp Angel Unboxing Video (Not the best, sorry) I gotRead More →

Comfy Blanket

I love blankets. I use them ALL year round. I have seasonal ones, thick and thin ones, my favorite one is my comfy blanket. I’m always looking at blankets especially for the holidays. This summer I got an amazing wearable blanket called The Dream Comfy and it is very cozy.Read More →

Beeswax Candles

Do you love to burn candles? I know my daughter and I do. I do not like those candles that smell like they are burning. I love the candles that burn clean. I know you are going to Love Beeswax Candles. Going back in history, beeswax was the preferred candle type byRead More →