Give you Dog a Natural Dog Treats Gift

Having pets is so different from when I was a kid, my husband was a kid and my daughter was a kid.  There was no way for brushing dogs teeth!  That is strange just thinking about that.  However, if it is something that will help my little grand fur baby,Read More →

Pure Earth Pets Gifts for your Pets

Pure Earth Pets is the first eco friendly subscription box for dogs! Each month a curated box of sustainable toys and natural treats is shipped to the doors of our customers across the country in our biodegradable boxes. We do the research so you don’t have to! We partner withRead More →

Pet Cave Cat Bed a Fur Baby HideAway.

A great gift for the holiday season and just a good thing to have for kitties (and small doggos) and those who love them. Cat Cave, is a pet cave made of ethically sourced wool and 100% natural and organic materials with vegan organic dyes. They pay 200% higher wagesRead More →