Completely Me Book for Kids

Completely Me book

Dr. Justine Green’s children’s Completely Me book is based on her own life, disability, and coming-of-age journey. A powerful story about a little girl who never noticed there was something different about herself. That us until others pointed it out. When she stands up for herself, the people around her learn the important lesson of self-acceptance. Everyone is different in their own unique ways, and that those imperfections are what make you perfect.

Completely Me book

Author Justine Green was born with Atresia and Microtia. Microtia is a condition where the outer ear does not develop properly. Atresia is the absence of the ear canal, leaving her deaf in her left ear. Knowing she was different from birth, and boasting three reconstructive surgeries under her belt, Justine learned to read lips. She worked hard through school ande used her disability as motivation instead of an excuse. She ultimately found her life’s purpose through these challenges.

Her passion for inspiring others moved her to write a story based on her own life. Completely Me, teaches readers to love themselves and others, and that everyone’s imperfections are what make them perfect.

The Completely Me book is available in paperback for $12.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IngramSpark and through Kindle.

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