I am really happy to work with our sponsor, Bloominous, today to share this information with you.  Are you having an event this spring or later this year and you’re dreading the budget?  Well, Bloominous launched an alternative option for DIY florals, by way of easy DIY floral arrangements kits!

There are three advantages to using Bloominous.

1. Money Saver:

  • Saves you anywhere from 30% to 50% off your floral budget.
  • Each piece is priced without the typical 300% markup from wedding florists, e.g. $5 boutonnieres, $40 centerpieces, and $50 bouquets.

2. Easy DIY:

  • Bloominous flowers are sent cut-to-order, dethorned, and trimmed.
  • A step-by-step instructions photo is included with each kit, as well as flower care products and design tips.

You can find easy to follow videos on YouTube:
How to make a Rose Bouquet.
How To Make a Carnation Bouquet.
How To Make a Boutonniere.
DIY Centerpieces.

3. Quality, Professional Design:

  • Designed florist with 10+ years of experience in floral design.
  • From trends to vases to favors, Bloominous will design the whole look for your inspiration, in their offerings and blog.

Bloominous is making Floral DIY fun, easy, and approachable for anyone who wants to try.

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