Boy does this bring back memories! There’s nothing like baked cinnamon apples and vanilla ice cream on a nice fall day! It’s almost like Apple Pie A LA Mode. My mom use to make this for my dad & I, and when my daughter came along, we made it for her. They were soooooo good! I’m glad I found the recipe in my Facebook (On This Day) because I lost it! Now I’ll make some for my granddaughter. 🙂

baked cinnamon apples

Baked Cinnamon Apples

12 Delicious or baking apples
1/2 C. firmly packed brown sugar
3/4 C. margarine or butter
1 t. nutmeg
1 t. ground cinnamon

Heat oven to 375° F.
Peel upper half of each apple. Core to within 1/2 inch of bottom.
Place apples in ungreased baking dish.
Add 1 scant tablespoon brown sugar, 1 teaspoon margarine, pinch freshly grated nutmeg and pinch cinnamon to center of each apple. Sprinkle remaining spices over apples.
Pour 1/4 inch water into baking dish.
Bake 30-40 minutes, basting occasionally.
Pierce with fork to see if they are done; they should be tender.

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