As we all know, 2020 was the year of the mask. Even though there are vaccines in the works, other variants of this virus have been found and no one is sure about the effectiveness of the vaccines on them. Because of that, I believe a lot of us will be even more cautious and wear masks for quite some time.  Yes, masks irritate your skin, and it would be nice to have an Antibacterial Mask for your Face. It’s hard to breath at times during HOT days, but the masks are for our safety, remember they protect the wearer too!

I recently came across a different type of mask called HMNKIND. I received 2 of them for free in exchange for a review. These are Antibacterial Mask for your Face that contour to your face leaving no side gaps. They are 99.9% antibacterial to help protect you against maskne (aka acne you get from the irritation of a mask constantly rubbing against your face.) They also have 99.9 percent UV blocking, features a 4-way stretch, and are super soft and better than the store bought ones. Reusable, recyclable, beautiful.

Antibacterial Masks for your Face

They also come in 4 different sizes extra-small (kids) to Large and 8 different colors making them a nice gift for those who struggle with masks being too big or too small. Because of the light (but still protective) stretchy material, they’re also comfortable on your ears.

Antibacterial Masks for your Face

At-A-Glance Features:

  • Made of patented antibacterial fabric designed not to dry out or irritate the skin 

  • Breathable material and more protective than a cotton mask 

  • Protective for viral and particle filtration based on independent testing 

  • Four-way stretch ear straps for ease of wear 

  • Hand wash and hang dry. Quicker dry time compared to cotton masks 

  • Easy to store – Roll it up or fold it away so you can keep it handy 

  • Maintains color and shape wear after wear

  • The masks are multi-use and can be recycled

  • Modern and sleek looking for professional meetings while also athletic and casual for taking a hike or running around town

  • 10 percent of all sales will go to fight racial injustice and systemic racism by supporting the nonprofit, Color of Change

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I received the item(s) above free of charge in exchange for a review post. This disclosure is in accordance with Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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